Vibrant Faith

An affair of the heart and a commitment of the mind that results in good action.


Not the lack of illness. Rather, to live well in Christ is to have God centered in every aspect of wellness: intellectual, emotional, social, environmental, financial, spiritual, physical, and occupational/vocational. In Christ one can live well even if the illness does not go away. “Filled with the Spirit” is another way the New Testament writers describe living well in Christ.

Theology of the Cross

The cross of Jesus Christ invites us to see that suffering and despair, and even death give way to hope and new life. The cross calls people of faith to live well in a relationship with God and with all creation, so that others can see the grace of God even in the midst of struggle and suffering. A theology of the cross focuses on the work of God, not on the works of humankind. There is a dialectical relationship between law and gospel, sin and grace, suffering and healing, and death and resurrection. Each appears to be two things in opposition and conflict, yet the cross shows us that God works through the former to bring about the latter.


The term “family” is used in the broadest and biblical sense to include single people and their friends, people living alone, people living together with no children, grandparents raising grandchildren, neighbors who are faith mentors, uncles and aunts, and many other people with whom we are “familiar.” In the Bible there have been 40 types of families identified, all of whom are in need of the grace of God. The focus in faith formation is not on a certain type of family, but only on a gracious God who loves us not matter the type of family.


One of the meanings of a New Testament Greek word for “saving” means “to make whole.” Through the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ, God heals or makes whole all the brokenness in creation.

God calls people into a relationship with God to live wholly holy with each other.

Faith Formation

The Holy Spirit who gives the gift of faith through Jesus Christ and continues to shape our faith through the close relationships that we have. It is the very Breath of God (Holy Spirit) that is the giver of life and faith.

Six Circles of Relationships

Through which the Holy Spirit works to shape faith. (from the book Passing On The Faith): creation, culture, community, congregation, family, and individual.