The mission of FaithWellMT is to provide the theological and biblical foundation and skills for strong spiritual leadership in homes, congregations, and communities where people live well in Christ and pass on the faith.


We see children of God growing in faith and celebrating life in witness and service to the glory of God so that others see the love of God in Jesus Christ in home, congregation, and community.

Desired Outcomes

  • So that we make disciples of Jesus Christ by the work of the Holy Spirit in the faith formation of young children and youth and the transformation of the lives of adults.
  • So that we understand and practice tending the baptismal journey or faith journey as a way of life.
  • So that we live well in Christ and make a difference in the quality and longevity of lives of other people.
  • So that God is centered in every area of wellness in a person’s life: intellectual, emotional, relational (or social), spiritual, environmental, financial, physical, and occupational/vocational.
  • So that we connect God with more milestones in a person’s life.
  • So that we pass on faith in Jesus Christ from generation to generation.
  • So that we become good stewards of God’s creation.