For more than 45 years in ministry I have proclaimed that “baptism in not just a rainy day when someone poured water on you,” but rather it is “a way of life—a life as a child of God, adopted into God’s family by grace, marked with the cross of Christ and sealed with the Holy Spirit into God’s promises.”

I created the Baptismal Anniversary Cards for all ages to celebrate we are children of God splashed with promise.

I continue to encourage congregations to celebrate baptism birthdays of the members of their faith community.  These cards are for all ages and help congregations connect to individuals and families to celebrate that they are splashed with God’s promise and covered with grace.

These cards are for godparents or sponsors to continue to stay connected to the person they promised to support as they live out their baptismal journey each day.  It is for parents to keep proclaiming throughout the life of their child what they promised, when their child was baptized.

These cards are for uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, and extended family of good friends to keep celebrating God’s grace with the person baptized.

For $3.99 an individual can purchase the download of the cover selected and all the optional text for that card.  The individual keeps the download to use as many times as she or he chooses.

For $115.00 a congregation can purchase the downloads of all the cards and option inside texts for each card in each age level so they can develop a Baptism Anniversary Milestone Team who print and send out Baptism Anniversary Cards to all their members.


There are 23 different paintings for the covers of the Baptismal Anniversary Cards. I asked a marvelous artist and friend of mine, Heather Hultgren to paint the covers that I am using. For more on her artwork click on the page providing the information. I have written 2-5 different texts for each of the cards for the various age levels: Infant—age 4; Children ages 5-11; Teens; Young Adults; Adults; Senior Adults.

Print The Card You Choose

The cards are programmed to print on a 8 1/2 x 11 inch piece of paper.  You can actually print two different cards on one piece of paper.  The cards are programed print a card  5 ¼ inch high and 4 ¼ inch wide.  You will need to cut the card and fold the card.

I have found that the best paper to use is matte photo paper with a thickness of 6.5 mil.  It prints on both sides well.  It has TruColor technology built in.

I have also used card stock, which is 9.0 mil.

The cards print well on an ink jet printer or a laser printer.

Number of Cards and Optional Texts According to Each Age Level
(Please note that many of the outside covers are used in various age levels but the text options are different according to the age level)

Infant—Age 4

Number of Different Covers – 7

Number of Different Text – 16

Children Ages 5-11

Number of Different Covers – 6

Number of Different Text – 19


Number of Different Covers – 7

Number of Different Text – 19

Young Adults

Number of Different Covers – 6

Number of Different Text – 20


Number of Different Covers – 8

Number of Different Text – 22

Sr. Adults

Number of Different Covers – 9

Number of Different Text – 25

Procedure for Individuals

  • Go to the age level you desire: Infant—age 4; Child—age 5-11; Teen; Young Adult; Adult; Senior Adult
  • Select the cover picture that you desire
  • You will also be able to see all the optional inside texts for that card
  • Make payment as noted
  • You will receive a zip file to download that has both the cover for you to print as many times as you wish and also all the optional texts for inside that card (2-5 options for each card).
  • You will be able to print the card you selected from that file. You keep the file, which also includes all the inside optional texts.  You have permission to reprint as often as you choose to send to godchildren and friends.  The copyright forbids you to print and sell the cards.

Procedure for Congregations

  • Go to the one Congregation option
  • Select that option
  • Make payment as noted
  • After payment approval you will receive a download of all the cards and inside texts for each age level. You have permission to use those cards as often as you choose to print and send to your membership only.  The copyright forbids the printing and selling of the cards.

Purchase Cards

Baptismal Anniversary Cards are available to purchase in our shop. For your convenience, please select the age group below to view the available corresponding cards.