Every generation brings a gift to the Body of Christ.  In the 21st century is it important to connect the generations in faith formation rather than always separate them.  There is nothing wrong with doing age level faith formation.  But a congregation can strengthen families best by connection the generations for times of Caring, Praying, Learning, Celebrating, and Serving Faithfully.  In 2014 LifelongFaith Associates published a book entitled Generations Together. This book and also Faith Formation 2020, is available at www.LifeLongFaith.com.

We learn best by practicing the faith together:  prayer time, faith sharing time, serving our neighbor, caring for others.  Even Bible studies can be done with learning through fun activities with the different generations together.

In this section intergenerational active learning Bible studies are available to purchase and to use.  I will continue to put more active learning designs in this section.  The designs work well for a retreat time or a workshop.  Most will take at least an hour to do.

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