Confirmation is a wonderful faith milestone for families and friends to celebrate. Life in Christ is a journey in faith. The Holy Spirit continues to shape our faith as we take steps from the cross of Jesus Christ, walking in the newness of life.

Celebrate this milestone with the person who is being confirmed with an appropriate card. There are several choices a card covers and also the printed text inside each card.


I asked a marvelous artist and friend of mine, Heather Hultgren to paint the covers that I am using. For more on her artwork click on the page providing the information. I have written different texts for each of the cards.

Print The Card You Choose

The cards are created to print on a 8 1/2 x 11 inch piece of paper. You can actually print two different cards on one piece of paper. The document will print a card 5 ¼ inches high and 4 ¼ inches wide. You will need to cut the card to the card and fold the card.

I have found that the best paper to use is matte photo paper with a thickness of 6.5 mil. It prints on both sides well. It has TruColor technology built in.

I have also used card stock, which is 9.0 mil.

The cards print well on an ink jet printer or a laser printer.


  1. Select the cover you would like to purchase
  2. With your selection of the cover you will also receive at least two different texts for the inside of the card that you can choose to use when you print
  3. Upon payment you will receive a zip file to download, which contains the PDF file for the outside of the card ready to print. You will also receive a PDF file of the texts that you will choose that are ready to print.
  4. Print outside cover
  5. Print inside text on the opposite side of the cover