--image003During our return flight from Eastern Europe to the USA with some Christ clowns from my clown troupe, The Life In Christ Circus, I was wrestling with how we could use our clown ministry skills to help people with the disease of depression.  From my research as well as my experiences in clown ministry, I learned that people, who are not well cannot laugh.  Laughter takes breath.  Depression is one of those diseases that robs people of their breath.

This DVD contains two clown routines, both designed to help people struggling with depression.  “Making Our Burdens An Altar” uses an interpretive dancer, who represents the Holy Spirit, who assists four clowns, who are each trapped in a type of depression.  For healing to take place, each clown must own must own hers or his dis-ease.  This is a necessary step of healing.  Then the Holy Spirit (Breath of God) leads the clowns to make their burdens an altar.   The first sign of healing is a sigh.  In the sigh the clowns discover that they are not abandon and not alone.  They are covered with the grace of God in the cross of Jesus Christ.  It is a breath of fresh air.

The second video clip “The Cross and Our Burdens” encourages all of us to leave our burdens at the cross of Jesus.  There are times when we simply keep carrying our burdens even though Christ died for us.  There are other times when we even pick up the burdens of others.  It is our Lord Jesus Christ who picks us up and gives and frees us to celebrate God’s love with others.

These two clown routines on healing and wellness were created for people struggling with depression of any type to watch over and over.  The Holy Spirit brings a breath of fresh air!

Making Our Burdens an Altar

The Cross and Our Burdens