I created this design, first of all, to help people understand that the phrase “Living Well in Christ,” depicts a much larger vision of wellness or wholeness than taking care of one’s physical body. It includes: Intellectual Wellness, Environmental Wellness, Emotional Wellness, Social/Relational Wellness, Spiritual Wellness, Financial Wellness, Physical Wellness, and Occupational Wellness. Living well in Christ is about balance—Christ balanced in the center of each area of wellness or wholeness. (For a greater understanding of Living Well In Christ, read my article on this website with that title or purchase a copy of the short book, That It May Be Well With You! Also available on this website).

Secondly, this design might help people realize that they are already practicing some of the steps of a journey to wholeness and wellness. Within a group of people one can find several people, who practice other wellness steps that the individual does not do presently. So this design helps a person, wanting to practice new steps in wellness, to find another person, who is practicing that step, and might coach them and support them in taking that specific step in wellness. One does not always need a professional wellness coach to begin taking important steps toward Living Well in Christ.

Thirdly, this design affirms that most people are already practicing some steps of a journey to wholeness and wellness. When one looks at the first time at all eight areas of wellness (and there might be more areas), it can become so overwhelming that it might discourage the person from taking any new steps. This design helps people realize there are varieties of small, gentle steps she or he can learn and practice on a journey toward wholeness.

This activity stresses the importance of relationships in Living Well in Christ. The design can also be used during a wellness retreat or workshop, simply to connect the participants with one another under a common theme of wellness.

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